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Debit Card Fraud!

You may recall that several months ago, we told you about a heavy volume of debit card fraud occurring outside the United States. These thieves the international fraudsters have settled down, we are finding out that mainland fraud activity has picked up dramatically. As a result, in an effort to safeguard our members, we have taken a more conservative approach to debit card approvals from out of state. Therefore, we kindly ask that you please notify us prior to traveling out of state so that we can release your card. In addition, abnormal activity within Hawaii could also raise a red flag.

Should there be a suspicious purchase made using your debit card number, someone will try to call you from the Fraud Detection Unit to either confirm or dispute the purchase. If this person is unable to speak with you, the card will immediately be restricted. This is to safeguard your card from receiving further unauthorized charges. It is very important you ensure we have your current cell and home numbers or utilize your call forwarding feature on your home phone.

We understand that these steps may cause some inconvenience, but in the long run are hopeful that this is a temporary measure and that it will further protect our members from what could be much worse.

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