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What is it and why are debit card purchases originated from a foreign country blocked?

Tranblocker is a web-based tool that most banks and credit unions utilize to block potential fraud in real time. The card issuer (i.e. bank or credit union) decides how and when to block certain transactions. If fraud is suspected from a given source, we have the ability to create a rule that immediately takes effect and controls authorizations based on chosen parameters.

Due to the high volume in recent months of fraudulent activity originating from foreign sources, we have decided to “block” all debit card activity which is initiated from a foreign country. This decision was based on the need to protect our members from becoming victims of what could be rather costly illegal activities.

However, this does not exclude you from using your debit card should you wish to do so during your travels outside the United States. When your travel dates are set, please either stop by the Credit Union or send us a letter permitting a temporary lift on the foreign county "block". Please be certain to furnish us with the exact dates that you will be traveling and please be sure to notify us before departing on your trip.

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